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                      中文版 English
                      Homogenizer series
                      Flowing and dispersing additiv
                      Physical peptizer and processi
                      Chemical peptizer series
                      Tire&rubber anti-ozone wax
                      Functional resin series
                      Antisticking agent series
                      Low melting point bag series
                      Shoes material function additi
                      Pre-dispersed masterbatch
                      Tire Bladder Release and Mold
                      Other functional additives
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                      BRIEF  INTRODUCTION

                      Lianyungang Rebo Chemical Company Limited was founded in the beautiful seaside city of Lianyungang in December 2007. Located in the Lingang Industrial Zone, an area designed specifically for the chemical industry by the Jiangsu provincial government, the company’s modern facility has easy access to the national highway system, a nearby railway terminal and a full service airport.
                      Rebo Chemical’s 6,000 m2 manufacturing facility is situated on a more than 40,000 m2 of land. At Rebo Chemical’s three workshops, products for three different markets are manufactured. We serve the tyre, rubber products and soles industries.
                      1.      Processing Additives Series includes homogenizer, peptizer, flow and dispersing additives, etc. Total volume for this series is 15,000 tons/year.
                      2.      Functional Additives Series includes PDM (HAV-2), MC-300, WP5, LSEG-4 LSF-I, LS-4, etc. Total volume for this series is 3,000 tons/year.
                      3.      Low Melting Point Bag Series includes EVA/RB bags of varying sizes, with varying melting points (65 - 84°C / 149 - 183.2°F). Total volume for this series is 3,000 tons/year.
                      4.      Tire and Rubber Anti-ozone Wax series, 15,000 tons/year.
                      5.      Pre-dispersed Masterbatch Series (EPDM/SBR as carrier), 3,000 tons/year.
                      6.      Tire Bladder Release and Mold Release Series, 1,000 tons/year.
                      Through the use of international, best practices technology and our cooperation with South China University of Technology and other well-known technical institutes, Rebo Chemical continues to improve its capabilities in the manufacturing of advanced rubber additives. At the same time, advanced test instruments and strong training program allow the company to execute the ISO 9001 system and produce 100% qualified materials.
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