Wearing the same hairdo each day can be boring. But not all individuals are comfortable undergoing treatments that cause drastic changes to the hair such as hair rebonding. For one, you may not be sure if straight hair will look good on you if you have been curly all your life. Also, these straightening procedures do bring semi-permanent results.

If you do not want to wait for at least a year before your hair reverts to its original form, it would be better to own styling tools such as a hair straightener. Usually in the form of a rod, you will have silky straight hair in just a matter of minutes. For more info on hair straightener read here.

You can choose to go for a hair straightening iron or a ceramic brush hair straightener. The most recent models can straighten hair quickly.  Whatever you are comfortable with, just make sure that…

  1. The product you are using is reliable and has positive customer feedback to support it.
  2. You are familiar with the various modes and features of the hair straightener and know how to operate it properly.
  3. You know how to take care of a hair that is often exposed to heat and styling products.

It is important to apply something on the hair before using a hair straightener to prevent or limit the damage. Heat protectant comes in spray, serum and cream forms. See to it that the product you choose is compatible to your hair type. You would also benefit from letting your hair rest from any styling tool or product once in a while.

You can do more than just straightening with a hair straightener. The rod-iron types can make curls. Just make sure that you know how to use it for that purpose so that you will not burn your hair.


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